League A              
    Winners   A. Broadhurst Trophy   Lee on Solent      
    Runners Up   E.C. Smith Cup   Fareham      
    League B              
    Winners   Wareham Cup   Gosport      
    Runners Up   W. Bridges Cup   Portchester      
    League C              
    Winners   E. Pellat Cup   Gosport      
    Runners Up   W. Simms Cup   Fareham      
    League D              
    Winners   Jill Taylor Trophy   Leigh Park      
    Runners Up   I. Fisher Cup   Portchester      
    Champion of Champions              
    Winner   Tanner Cup   Rosemary Bailey   Fareham  
    Runner Up   Kitmaurie Cup   Carol Reynolds   Pembroke Gardens  
    Singles Champion              
    Winner    Coleen Money Cup   Kath Patrick   Milton Park  
    Runner Up   Alice Pecover Cup   Kim Francis-Ellis   Lee on the Solent  
    Consolation Singles              
    Winner   Babs Rhymes Trophy   Sue Brightman   Milton Park  
    Runner Up   Pat Duckworth Trophy   Lynda Gibbs   Milton Park  
    2 Wood Singles Champion              
    Winner   White-Richard Cup   Caroline Cuerden   Lee on the Solent  
    Runner Up   Evans Cup   Dorothy Williams   Hayling Island  
    Pairs Champions              
    Winners   Wing Seel Cups   C. Pullin - S. Pullin   Fareham  
    Runners Up   Cosham Cups   J. Dawkins - C.Cuerden   Lee on the Solent  
    Triples Champions              
    Winners   Woodford Cup   C. Reynolds - J. Edgeller J. Taylor   Pembroke Gardens  
    Runners Up   Smithers Cup                        J. Dick - E.Walker             J. Brindley   Hayling Island  
    Fours Champions              
    Winners   G.A Day Trophy   C. Avery - J. Edgeller        C. Reynolds - J.Taylor   Pembroke Gardens  
    Runners Up   Nicholl Cup   R. Rogers - S. Parish       J. Phipps - J. Roberts   Milton Park  
    Inter Club Triples              
    Winners   Rosemary Corney Shield   Milton Park    
    Runners Up   Jean Ashdown Trophy   Rowner      
    Club Challenge              
    Winners   Brenda Clay Bowl   Hayling Island      
    Runners Up   Joan Black Trophy   Lee on the Solent      
    Gill May Trophy              
    Winners   Gill May Trophy   J. Edgeller - E. Lister       C. Reynolds - J.Taylor   Pembroke Gardens  
    Runners Up   Daphne Nicholls Trophy   J. Edwards - J. Lilley         D Williams - B. Blacklin   Hayling Island  
    Anniversary Day   Brenda Harrison Trophy   Jenny Calder   Lee on the Solent