September 2011      
    1 Introduction    
    1.1. It is the responsibility of Bowls England to regulate participation of persons in outdoor flat green bowls matches to ensure that it provides fair competition and has due regard for the safety of all competitors.    
    1.2 Bowls England considers that the sport of outdoor flat green bowls is a gender-affected sport as the physical strength, stamina or physique of an average person of one gender may put them at an advantage or a disadvantage to an average person of the other gender.    
    1.3 Bowls England has produced this policy to manage the enquiries from, or about, persons who have legally acquired a change in their birth gender.    
    1.4 Transgender persons are protected by legislation against discrimination and have the ability to obtain legal recognition of their acquired gender. In England this involves the right to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC),    
    2 Policy    
      Bowls England has adopted the following policy with regards to male or female transgender persons competing in the sport of outdoor flat green bowls under its jurisdiction:    
    2.1 All enquiries relating to transgender matters will be passed to Bowls England`s Chief Executive who may notify the Board, Bowls England Officers and other officials (for example the relevant County Secretary) as thought appropriate. Anyone involved will understand the confidentiality obligations that are associated with the handling of such a matter.    
    2.2 Any male-to-female transsexual who underwent gender reassignment surgery before puberty will be accepted in bowls as female. This also applies to individuals who have undergone female-to-male reassignment before puberty, who will be regarded as male.    
    2.3 With the exception of those highlighted in 2.2, only individuals who have acquired a UK Gender Recognition Certificate are eligible for participation in their acquired gender in matches under the control of Bowls Englnd. Equivalent documentation issued by other nations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.    
    2.4 The Chief Executive may take such legal and medical advice as he/she thinks to be necessary.